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Pet Diagnostic Imaging

Rapid diagnosis results in rapid treatment.

Pet Diagnostic Imaging

The goal of Saugerties Animal Hospital is to give your pet the best medical care imaginable. The cutting-edge diagnostic imaging we employ is crucial to ensuring that we are fully aware of everything happening within your pet. These instruments enable non-invasive diagnostic techniques that let us identify diseases or abnormalities, improving treatments and giving a more exact prognosis for your pet.


High-frequency sound waves are emitted during an ultrasonography procedure, and they pass through your pet. The echoes created when the sound waves hit interior organs or tissues are subsequently captured and shown as an image on a video monitor that is attached. Because images are shown in real time during the examination process with ultrasound, we can see both the structure and motion of interior organs.


A radiograph, often known as an X-ray, is a sort of image that provides information about the inside of the body that may not be seen from the outside. Your pet’s bones, as well as internal organs, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, can be examined with radiography. Radiology can be a very useful tool in our diagnostic toolbox when it comes to correctly identifying your pet. We can now edit the digital images that we take thanks to numerous developments in digital x-ray technology. This enables us to diagnose problems that a conventional x-ray might not pick up.

Veterinary Services

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